Yesterday me and Owen sat down and had a three-hour brainstorming session, and despite several digressions into pointless chatter we got a lot worked through. Yesterday was mainly focused on our Planetary Assembly universe. We have a few good stories but because we have them all tied into the same universe we needed to thrash out a number of details so we have some continuity throughout the universe. Already between The Space Watch (Project Delphi) and Project Apollo we had a number of contradictions so I’m happy we’ve got it all tidied up.

In theory we should find writing the universe easier now…..

The one thing that we did not get sorted out though is where I went wrong with Project Apollo.  I majorly ran out of steam with it and I’m hoping that when Owen re-reads it he’ll be able to find a path through my bad writing.

A Little Announcement

The only things that I have not been able to do is read through some of Project Delphi and watch Prometheus, but those I’ll catch up on tomorrow. I’m going to try and knock Delphi out tomorrow and then call Owen to discuss his notes and the few additional changes that I’ve made.

That is obviously not my little announcement, this is. From now on Project Delphi will no longer be called Project Delphi, it will be called The Space Watch. A Tale from The Planetary Assembly by Owen M.G. Arnold and Peter Germany.

There you go, the title of the first story that me, and Owen will be putting up on Amazon for the Kindle. Watch this space for updates