NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Six

Today, was a good day. 2042 words on NaNo, which takes me to 12053. I managed to add 368 onto PE3 as well.

Today’s Write-In

I hosted a Write-In today and managed to get a few sprints in. It always amazes me at how quickly those words build up when you’re doing twenty minute sprints. I’d written a few words before I’d left the house this morning but it was the Write-In that I got a solid days word count in.

I am about a day ahead at the moment, and my plans for tomorrow have changed. I was meant to meet a friend for lunch but we’ve had to reschedule, so although I won’t gain much time I will gain some that I plan to put to good use.

Once I got home from the Write-In I wrote a few more words on PE3. Then I dug out my Blu-Ray’s of The Matrix Trilogy for a marathon this evening. These movies are right up my street and I’ve not seen them in quite some time.


Sense8:Season Two

I am five episodes(including the Christmas special) into the new season of Sense8 on Netflix, and its good. Very good.

I loved the first series. In my opinion in one of the best series of TV I’ve ever seen. It’s beautifully written, directed, and acted. There are very few shows that have the balls to spend most of their first season on character development while only drip-feeding you the overall plot. They pulled it off though, it made the events in the rest of the season more hard-hitting because you knew the characters.

This new season has started at a full speed andĀ kicks theĀ nitrous in when it needs to. I literally jumped at the end of the first episode and have been moved to the edge of my seat on a number of occasions throughout this second season so far.

Now that we know all of the main characters the focus is on the bigger picture, but we’re still seeing the difficulties of the characters lives outside of the main story arc. They’re not fighting these problems alone though, despite the fact that these eight people are spread all over the globe, only two of them are physically together, but with how they can control each others bodies they help each other in difficult situations. Whether it’s the actor having to cause a scene to be a distraction, or the gangster beating the crap out of a threat to a cluster mate, or the bus driver needing help from the martial arts fighter, they can all move into each others bodies and help them out whenever they need them. How they shoot those scenes is fantastic to, it’s very smoothly done.

Once I’ve finished writing for the day I’ll be diving back in again. I’d like to say I’m going to be restrained and not binge watch the rest of the second season today but I’m not sure I’d be being honest with myself if I said that.