NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Six

Today, was a good day. 2042 words on NaNo, which takes me to 12053. I managed to add 368 onto PE3 as well.

Today’s Write-In

I hosted a Write-In today and managed to get a few sprints in. It always amazes me at how quickly those words build up when you’re doing twenty minute sprints. I’d written a few words before I’d left the house this morning but it was the Write-In that I got a solid days word count in.

I am about a day ahead at the moment, and my plans for tomorrow have changed. I was meant to meet a friend for lunch but we’ve had to reschedule, so although I won’t gain much time I will gain some that I plan to put to good use.

Once I got home from the Write-In I wrote a few more words on PE3. Then I dug out my Blu-Ray’s of The Matrix Trilogy for a marathon this evening. These movies are right up my street and I’ve not seen them in quite some time.


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