NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Seven

Well, today turned out to be a very good day. My lunch plans got rescheduled for tomorrow, so I thought I’d work my way through till when I had to leave for a Write-In this evening. I’m looking at how I’m writing of late and have  come to conclusion that I’m a bit of a plodder. I’ll be in the chair for a few hours and end up writing a thousand words maybe, but I can get stuck in to a few sprints. Which is what we were doing on the Kent NaNo page. I seriously got stuck into my stories today and before I knew it I was at 2k, and then 3k is in reach. I passed that and went off to the Write-In and before I knew it 4k was in reach, and I passed it. 4159 words which takes me to 16212 words overall. I have almost got three days in the bag, which makes me happy.

I also wrote 580 words on PE3 as well.

I don’t remember how previous NaNo’s played out when it came to how many words I’d had or how many days I was ahead or behind. I just about remember the overall word counts, but I can’t remember really being that far ahead but according to my stats I was in 2014. I’d like to keep ahead of the curve for the rest of the month but I know how life can screw you over so I’m keeping realistic.

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