NaNoWriMo 2018-Day Eleven

Today I wrote 2341 for a today of 25021. I am averaging 2274 words a day which rocks! I did them all at the write-in today, which was a lot of fun. I am now four days ahead of the target, which will most likely free fall when I get back to work this coming week.

I do need to go out and do the cliche writer thing of sitting in a coffee shop and write more often. I always get words written when I do.

This next week is going to be interesting. I have been on a role this past week, but I’ve had the week off and all the time in the world to write. This coming week I’ve got work and getting back into the routine of everyday life. That will mean trying to hit the 1667 words a day with less time. It almost seems daunting right now, but it isn’t. All I have to do is break it down like I’ve done in the past. A few words in the morning (if I’m awake enough) before work. A few more during my lunch break, then wrap the word count up in the evening. Sounds easy, right? It’s not but it’s very doable.

My aim is a simple one, 1667 words a day. Once I hit that I’ll be happy.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Ten

After A slow start I hit the word count and rolled past it to 2074 for a total of 22680 words  for NaNo.

I didn’t get much else done today. I finished up about 2pm sort of time and then did some gaming (I wrapped up Gears Of War: Judgement). I do want to get stuck into PE3 again, but that can wait for December if need be.

It has been somewhat of a lowkey day if I’m honest. I am happy I passed 2k again. I’m still three days ahead which I think will start dropping off once I’m back at work next week. I’d really like a 3k day tomorrow to up that buffer a bit more but I’ll see how that goes. I am hosting a Write-In tomorrow which should push those numbers up a little.

I forgot to mention yesterday but I had an article published on The Gingernuts of Horror website as part of their Alice In Summerland series. This series looks at the works of Alice Cooper and my contribution focuses on his album, Trash. Please go over and check it, and the rest of the series out.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Seven

Well, today turned out to be a very good day. My lunch plans got rescheduled for tomorrow, so I thought I’d work my way through till when I had to leave for a Write-In this evening. I’m looking at how I’m writing of late and have  come to conclusion that I’m a bit of a plodder. I’ll be in the chair for a few hours and end up writing a thousand words maybe, but I can get stuck in to a few sprints. Which is what we were doing on the Kent NaNo page. I seriously got stuck into my stories today and before I knew it I was at 2k, and then 3k is in reach. I passed that and went off to the Write-In and before I knew it 4k was in reach, and I passed it. 4159 words which takes me to 16212 words overall. I have almost got three days in the bag, which makes me happy.

I also wrote 580 words on PE3 as well.

I don’t remember how previous NaNo’s played out when it came to how many words I’d had or how many days I was ahead or behind. I just about remember the overall word counts, but I can’t remember really being that far ahead but according to my stats I was in 2014. I’d like to keep ahead of the curve for the rest of the month but I know how life can screw you over so I’m keeping realistic.

NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Six

Today, was a good day. 2042 words on NaNo, which takes me to 12053. I managed to add 368 onto PE3 as well.

Today’s Write-In

I hosted a Write-In today and managed to get a few sprints in. It always amazes me at how quickly those words build up when you’re doing twenty minute sprints. I’d written a few words before I’d left the house this morning but it was the Write-In that I got a solid days word count in.

I am about a day ahead at the moment, and my plans for tomorrow have changed. I was meant to meet a friend for lunch but we’ve had to reschedule, so although I won’t gain much time I will gain some that I plan to put to good use.

Once I got home from the Write-In I wrote a few more words on PE3. Then I dug out my Blu-Ray’s of The Matrix Trilogy for a marathon this evening. These movies are right up my street and I’ve not seen them in quite some time.


NaNoWriMo 2018- Day One

I’m underway! After a little layout work (story titles mainly but also a little description for some of those stories) I found I was a little stuck with how to open the first story I was stating on. This is a story I’ve had the concept for, for almost ten years. But I got those first few words down and was a third of the way towards the first days target.

I’ve found it quite hard to get the rest of the target hit, but I’ve finished the day with 1823 words for the day. I’m happy with that start. This cold is still hampering me somewhat so I’ll take what I can at the moment.

I’m also thinking I’m hindered by the fact that I’ve not written any big chunks of words for quite some time. Writing is a muscle and most of what I’ve done of late and super short sprints. So getting back up to writing 1667 words a day minimum might take a few days.

But I’m off the mark and ready for some sleep.

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