NaNoWriMo 2018- Day One

I’m underway! After a little layout work (story titles mainly but also a little description for some of those stories) I found I was a little stuck with how to open the first story I was stating on. This is a story I’ve had the concept for, for almost ten years. But I got those first few words down and was a third of the way towards the first days target.

I’ve found it quite hard to get the rest of the target hit, but I’ve finished the day with 1823 words for the day. I’m happy with that start. This cold is still hampering me somewhat so I’ll take what I can at the moment.

I’m also thinking I’m hindered by the fact that I’ve not written any big chunks of words for quite some time. Writing is a muscle and most of what I’ve done of late and super short sprints. So getting back up to writing 1667 words a day minimum might take a few days.

But I’m off the mark and ready for some sleep.

If you wish to add me as a buddy please do, I’m Peter Germany on

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