NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Two

I have written 1680 words today for a total of 3503. If I’m honest I’d have liked to of been closer to the 4k mark but I’ll take 3503. One of my aims this year is to stay above where I should be each day, even if it’s just by a few words.

Today’s words were not easy. I did get a few written earlier in the day but the majority of them were done this evening. I really need to get my writing muscles toned up again, hopefully NaNo will do that for me.

Tomorrow I think will be my first test when it comes to getting the word count done. I’ve got work through most of the day and then I’m doing the socialising thingy in the evening. So I won’t have much time, so what time I do have I will have to make it count. Sunday is free, though. I intend to go hard on Sunday morning and then chill out in the evening. This is something that I’ve done in the past when it comes to writing on a Sunday.

On Monday night I’ve got my first write-in of NaNo. I’m also off work for the week as well, so lots of writing time.

I’ll not get too stressed out of I don’t hit the word count tomorrow, I know I can catch up on any lost days. The trick I need to master is if life throws me a curve ball is being able to keep the words flowing while other elements are testing me. But hopefully that won’t happen, if it does I’ll do the best I can to work through.

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