NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Six

Today, was a good day. 2042 words on NaNo, which takes me to 12053. I managed to add 368 onto PE3 as well.

Today’s Write-In

I hosted a Write-In today and managed to get a few sprints in. It always amazes me at how quickly those words build up when you’re doing twenty minute sprints. I’d written a few words before I’d left the house this morning but it was the Write-In that I got a solid days word count in.

I am about a day ahead at the moment, and my plans for tomorrow have changed. I was meant to meet a friend for lunch but we’ve had to reschedule, so although I won’t gain much time I will gain some that I plan to put to good use.

Once I got home from the Write-In I wrote a few more words on PE3. Then I dug out my Blu-Ray’s of The Matrix Trilogy for a marathon this evening. These movies are right up my street and I’ve not seen them in quite some time.


Building My Blu-Ray Collection

Just before Christmas my parents replaced their Samsung 32-inch HD LCD TV with the latest equivalent so to my joy they gave me the old one and for Christmas they gave me a Blu-Ray player. My brother brought me Pacific Rim on Blu-Ray and I’d treated myself to a copy of Dredd in Blu-Ray but I watched Pacific Rim first and WOW!! How cool is Blu-Ray?

Anyway, I already had Dredd on DVD and it’s one of a few that I was willing to replace with a Blu-Ray copy, there are a few others that I’m planning on upgrading, Avatar and The Avengers are the two main ones that I will be buying, and maybe The Matrix films but I’m not sure on those.

I know some people replace their entire collection when a new format comes out but as long as the Blu-Ray player plays DVDs I see little point in upgrading my 350 plus library of movies. If for no other reason then the cost alone prevents me from doing that.

From now on I will be mainly buying Blu-Rays simply because the picture quality is stunning.

Grand Theft Auto also looks gorgeous in HD as well.

Playing With My Method

As I’ve said recently I am going back to writing by hand which is what I’m doing for writing the end of this first draft of Project Apollo. This is how I wrote mine and Owen’s first (and only completed) novel. I wrote it by hand and then typed it up. When I do it this way I edit it as I type it up and I’m hoping this means that the later the editing passes will not be as brutal.
One thing I’ve been wondering tonight as I’m writing is whether writing this way is affecting me as a writer. I think how I’m putting words together is slightly different to how I write when it’s straight from my head to a computer. I cannot really explain it any clearer then that I’m afraid.
So,etching else that has occurred to me is maybe as I’m writing slower that may be affecting what I’m writing. It’s a slower process which maybe is allowing me to think things through better as I’m writing.
Or maybe its all rubbish and I’m just writing the same as I normally do.

And I know I’m tired because I’m rambling so I’m logging out now and I’m going to see if I can finish watching the third Matrix film before tiredness overtakes me.

Movie Monday: Equilibrium

Equilibrium tells the story of John Preston, A grammaton cleric.  These clerics are there to hunt down anyone who may have stopped taking their Prozium.  A drug that prevents people from feeling.  Anything that may cause someone to have an emotional reaction is illegal and destroyed immediately.  As is any of the citizens of this post dystopian world.  If any of the citizens are found to have stopped taking Prozium then they are incinerated.  After executing his partner (Sean Bean) Preston (Christian Bale) accidentally drops one of his vile’s of Prozium and begins to feel. So he kind of stops taking his Prozium.  During this time he arrests a women, Mary O’Brian (Emily Watson) and she brings out the emotion in him.  Through her he contacts the resistance and agrees to kill Father.  Father (Sean Pertwee) is the dictator who rules and although he is never seen in public video of him is played everywhere reminding people of what happens when banned items are found.

There are a lot of little twists throughout the film.  Things get turned on their head and back again, Preston goes through hell as he discovers emotions and what they mean.  Aside from a feel that this is influenced by Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and no doubt other works that I have not read or watched.

The action scenes are STUNNING! When I first saw it someone said to me it was like The Matrix, but better.  Now I don’t think that it is better than The Matrix, but I don’t think that The Matrix is better than Equilibrium either.  Both films have their own story and both films get that message out.  They are different films, but The Matrix had a much bigger budget and you can tell, but with Equilibrium it has a much more raw feel to it.  The actors give some really strong performances and I could feel Preston’s pain through Christian Bale’s performance.

It is a beautifully shot film with a strong plot and an impressive cast who impress in the film. Equilibrium is absolutely worth a watch.