Playing With My Method

As I’ve said recently I am going back to writing by hand which is what I’m doing for writing the end of this first draft of Project Apollo. This is how I wrote mine and Owen’s first (and only completed) novel. I wrote it by hand and then typed it up. When I do it this way I edit it as I type it up and I’m hoping this means that the later the editing passes will not be as brutal.
One thing I’ve been wondering tonight as I’m writing is whether writing this way is affecting me as a writer. I think how I’m putting words together is slightly different to how I write when it’s straight from my head to a computer. I cannot really explain it any clearer then that I’m afraid.
So,etching else that has occurred to me is maybe as I’m writing slower that may be affecting what I’m writing. It’s a slower process which maybe is allowing me to think things through better as I’m writing.
Or maybe its all rubbish and I’m just writing the same as I normally do.

And I know I’m tired because I’m rambling so I’m logging out now and I’m going to see if I can finish watching the third Matrix film before tiredness overtakes me.

2 thoughts on “Playing With My Method

    • I think it is worth a try if you haven’t done it before. Editing is something that does drag out for me so I’m hoping doing it this way will make it easier 🙂


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