The Punisher Is Returning! 

I was flicking through Facebook last night, as one does, and I saw a post from one of the various comic book pages I follow, announcing that not only would The Punisher be coming to the second season of Daredevil but they had cast Jon Bernthal as Marvels notorious vigilante.

When I read this I was sitting in my car waiting for someone, I hit my head on the roof lining of my car as I jump from the sheer joy of seeing this news. I am a huge fan of The Punisher, I think he is one of the most interesting characters that Marvel has created and I’ve been itching to see him appear in a Marvel Studios production. I’ve been seeing rumours that Netflix are going to have a Punisher series and I really hope that is the case. Casting Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher to me is a statement of intent to do just that.

I think Bernthal is a natural for this role. We’ve seen his acting ability in The Walking Dead and I think he’s going to be able to pull off that tormented nature The Punisher has. He’s also got the physicality that is needed as well.  In his time in The Walking Dead he also should that he could be brutal and that is something that an actor playing The Punisher needs.

Needless to say, I’m a tad excited about this and I think Daredevil had better watch out because he won’t have come up against anyone like The Punisher before.

Why I’m Ignoring Most Memes Now

We’ve all seen Memes, pictures with little catchphrases on. At first I found them quite amusing in the main and once in a while a really good one would catch my attention. Now though, they’re kind of predictable, as soon as I see them I know what they are. Many lack imagination and its rare that I see one now that impresses me.

What has really irritated me about them is the Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead ones. I have not seen the most recent series of these two epically good series as I only recently got around to watching them (on DVD) so just from having a look through my Facebook feed I know who dies in these two awesome TV series [insert curse words of choice or rage filled roars]

That said some memes don’t contain spoilers and are very funny, but like everything that started off as something small and amusing it is now mutated into something that is becoming annoying with only a few that are still worthy of attention.

Over Filling The Story

As I’m working on my current WIP I am thinking of future stories that I want to write as well. One of the areas that I want to play in is the zombie world. I know what you’re thinking, everyone’s doing it, but I write the stories that I want to write. At the moment I am still in the infancy of my writing and I believe there is nothing wrong with that. So when i get around to it I will be writing about Zombies 😀

This brings me onto over filling a story. As I’ve been thinking about what I would like to do with Zombies I have conflicting ideas. Part of me wants to do the whole survivor thing like in The Walking Dead, another part of me wants to write something like Dawn Of The Dead and another part of me wants to write something like Zombieland.  As well as a few other ideas that are rambling around in my head. Now one of the dilemmas that I have been facing is how I’m going to squeeze all of this into one story, and I came to conclusion that I wont put them all into the same story or even multiple stories in the same universe. I am going to separate these ideas and see which ones I can work into a cohesive story. This is something that has cropped up with the WIP, I have lots of ideas for how to end it because I always thought the ending was weak but I believe that what I have already is good enough and works very well with the rest of the story.

A Little Break From The Fiction

After a few days where I’ve been feeling like I am constantly on the verge of falling asleep whenever I sit down I’ve decided to ease off the writing side of life and have a week, maybe two, just taking it easy. I had a burn out moment earlier in the year and it got to the point where I almost fell asleep as I was driving. I’m still going to be scribbling down any ideas that I have but I’m not going to be starting my main project for the first part of the year till mid January.

What am I going to do instead of writing/researching/editing? Well I will be sleeping lol No I’m going to be reading a little, watching DVDs. I’ve got series 2 of The Walking Dead and Series 2 of Rome to watch as well as The Women In Black. I’m also going to be playing a little Xbox too.

This time will also give my mind a little breathing space to compute some bits and pieces of the stories that I am working on at the moment.