Over Filling The Story

As I’m working on my current WIP I am thinking of future stories that I want to write as well. One of the areas that I want to play in is the zombie world. I know what you’re thinking, everyone’s doing it, but I write the stories that I want to write. At the moment I am still in the infancy of my writing and I believe there is nothing wrong with that. So when i get around to it I will be writing about Zombies 😀

This brings me onto over filling a story. As I’ve been thinking about what I would like to do with Zombies I have conflicting ideas. Part of me wants to do the whole survivor thing like in The Walking Dead, another part of me wants to write something like Dawn Of The Dead and another part of me wants to write something like Zombieland.  As well as a few other ideas that are rambling around in my head. Now one of the dilemmas that I have been facing is how I’m going to squeeze all of this into one story, and I came to conclusion that I wont put them all into the same story or even multiple stories in the same universe. I am going to separate these ideas and see which ones I can work into a cohesive story. This is something that has cropped up with the WIP, I have lots of ideas for how to end it because I always thought the ending was weak but I believe that what I have already is good enough and works very well with the rest of the story.

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