A Quick Post, To End The Day

What have I done today? Well aside from the day job I added a fair few words to my WIP and did some research into Outhouses, yes I said Outhouses. I wont go into details.

One thing that I did get thinking about was Point of view changes. In the WIP most of the first 25,000 words is one person and that’s it.  They have no other contact with anyone till after that point and I was wondering if it would work to introduce another point of view at this stage. I posted this on The Dead Robots Society’s Facebook page and Matthew Wayne Selznick replied with a few good points. I think this story will get to about 30,000 to 40,000 words at the most so it wouldn’t work.  For something longer then I think it would be acceptable but not here.  To be honest this is not something that had sat right with me. Adding another point of view would have its benefits but I think it would also damage the story, mainly diluting the emotional experiences of my main character.

Matthew Wayne Selznick deserves a shout out here. He wrote a great book called Brave Men Run which is one of my favourite Podcasts I’ve heard (I really need to get hold of a print copy) I’ve been dumb and have only just checked out his site and it’s amazing. This man is a very creative individual. http://www.mattselznick.com/

I still have not got around to starting The Gunslinger yet. Been a busy couple of days I’m afraid but I may try to make a start tonight.

That was my day, I hope you all have had a good and productive day 🙂


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