Falling Skies: Episode One

*****Very Minor Spoilers*****

This is not the normal sort of post for me to write. I rarely focus on an individual episode in this manor but I’ve got high expectations for this show after a close friend recommended it. I don’t watch much tv so it’s easy for me to miss things but once I was told about this one I was immediately intrigued.
The show takes place a few months after the alien invasion and The episode starts with a kids drawings and a child telling the story of the invasion by the aliens, which I found really creepy (which is always good) and it then leads into a bit of an action sequence which is always a winner if you ask me 😀 and you do see the aliens here. Not much but you do see a little of them moving about. I’ll leave the rest of detailing the story there, but you obviously get an insight into main characters, the show is lead by Noah Wyle, Will Patton and Moon Bloodgood (that’s a great name by the way).
What I’ve liked about this is, aside from the fact that the characters seem quite grounded. Bloodgood especially looks like a women who is very tired. But I like the fact that the producers have actually created an alien species that looks different to just some guy in a suit. The aliens are smaller then us but more agile and have tougher flesh. I am really hoping we see some of the alien culture, some of how their society is set up.
Stephen Spielberg is part of this series which is generally a good thing in my opinion and from this one episode it looks like there is some heart to the show.

I just want to thank my friend Louise for recommending the show and Jordanna East (journeyofjordannaeast | From Ava J. Easterby, the person, to Jordanna East, the author…
http://jordannaeast.com/) for telling me how good it was also. This may be the alien invasion story that I’ve been looking for on TV or in movies for a while.