21st of July, 2019 Update.

Good afternoon folks. Its early afternoon and I finished writing about 90 minutes ago. Have since had lunch and am now chilling out watching a movie before going off out later.

I wrote 2012 words today. I was doing 20 minute sprints and posting them in my local NaNoWriMo group. I had a couple of other members sprinting along with me which is always a lot of fun. I’m beginning to find that these sprints are really good for me as they do what they’re meant to, focus attention. Aside from one of the cats getting stuck and calling out for help, I kept on target and got the 2k done in six or seven sprints.

The distraction in question. Five minutes later she was back up there, but figured out how to get down herself.

I haven’t got onto the beta notes like I’d planned. I read through them in the week and will go through again tomorrow night and get any changes made that I agree with.

That’s a good start to my writing week. Let’s keep it going tomorrow.



Good Morning, Sunday! July 21st 2019

Good morning, folks. This last week has been up and down with writing. I’ve had a day where I hit 1112 words, and another where I wrote 135. I feel a little like A cop out when I’m writing 135 onto my spreadsheet, but you know what? that’s just how it goes some days.

Today, I’m going big and going to hit 2000 words! I want to get a big chunk of Extraction done today. I’d also like to get some beta notes worked through as well.

I have lost focus recently and I’m going proactive to get back on track. In the next seven days I’m going to push and get Extraction done (unless it evolves from a short story to a novella). I’m going to get back into CS1 and start making the changes I want to make on that, and I’m going to get to work on a blog post that won’t be a regular post like the daily ones I post.

Right, I’m going to have a little breakfast and then get stuck into Extraction (now Pages has finished updating). Have a good day, folks!

17th of July, 2019

Good evening all. Yesterday I wrote 576 words on the vampire book. Today I haven’t written up until just over an hour ago. Since then I’ve written 1112 words on what I think will be a short story, but we’ll see. I was going to work on the vampire book but seem to have written myself into a dark corner. So a couple of days off from that one which I hope will let my brain figure out how to get outta the damn corner!

That’s it for tonight. Today has been warm and muggy and its drained a lot of energy out of me. I’d recommend checking out this weeks episode of the Mando Method podcast. I get a small mention as Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda discuss their listeners goals for the year and how we’re all doing. Oh Armand, I’m born and bred British and I live in the UK just outside a small town called Gravesend which is near London. I also don’t know the origin of my surname 😀

I went to the zoo at the weekend with my girlfriend, so here’s a random picture of an elephant.

15th of July 2019

Good evening all. Today I have written 1342 words. That’s my best word count for some time and I’m pretty darn happy about it! I wrote before work and during my lunch break. I think the two days off helped as it gave my brain a rest, and I think Saturday wondering around Colchester Zoo with my girlfriend helped a lot as well. Things like that are good for the soul.


Something I need to really focus on is making the most of my time. During the summers I find it hard to write in the evenings. I’m tired from my day job and its hot and muggy, like tonight. So getting as many words during my lunch break and before work is where I’ve got to get the bulk of my word counts done. There’s also things like staying at my girlfriends, I’m not going to sit on my laptop on those nights. The same with nights when I’m at the cinema. Those nights are zero words regardless of what time the film is screened.

Today has been a fine example of making the most of the time I have. Now, it’s not as good for editing but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’m beginning to get beta readers notes back for the zombie book, and outside of grammar stuff A couple of comments have been I need to push myself harder, but in the best way. In the way where it’s a hand on my back and ‘you can do this’ sort of comment. Which is what I need to hear and do that, much myself. So it’s not as ready as I’d like but it’s getting there.

That’s me done for the night. I hope everyone has had a good day, and have fun!

Good Morning, Sunday 14th of July 2019

Morning All! I am not writing today. I’m having a flake out/get (non writing) shit done kinda day. Which basically means I’ll spend ninety per cent of the time doing sod all and the other ten per cent doing the absolute minimum of tidying and so on.

I didn’t do any writing yesterday. I was off work for the day and went to Colchester Zoo with my girlfriend for the day. It was great fun and good for the soul.

So no writing for a couple of days, but I need the break. I can get back on course next week.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

12 of July 2019

Good evening all. Today I’ve written 1012 words on the vampire book. I hadn’t written tonight until about 20 minutes ago when I realised I was only a hundred or so words off the 1000 for the day. So I got those words knocked out. I think the scene I’m working on is getting close to being finished. I’ve just got to figure out what the characters are going to come away from the scene with.

I’m going to wrap it up there. It feels like its been a long week and I am knackered! I have the weekend off though (does happy dance), so I’m looking forward to some down time.

11th of July 2019

Good morning! I’m writing this on the morning of the 12th, and before I squeeze in a few words before starting my day.

I wrote a princely sum of 377 words on two projects yesterday. My word count was hampered by the fact I left my laptop at home. When I realised this I almost dropped to my knees and screamed ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!’ but I didn’t, which I think was appreciated by the other people in the shop I was in. I’ll try better today.

That said, I’m off to do some writing! Have an awesome day, folks!