Good afternoon, 12th May 2022

Howdy, folks!

Yesterday I edited about 6300 words and today I’ve written 347 words on a short story.

I’m quite close to the ending of Penal Earth so hopefully two more sittings and that’ll be done! Like Done Done.

How is your creative projects going?

Good Afternoon, 10th of April 2022

Good afternoon Folks, how are we all?

Today I’ve edited 3127 words on Penal Earth and did a quick edit of an old short story called Jonathan’s Not Quite Epic Adventure. I did this because I wanted it to be the first story on my Ko-Fi for anyone who wants to become a member! Yes, I’ve finally got that going! I’ve only got one Tier, and that’s £1 a month. Anyone who becomes a member will get access to an unpublished short story or a chapter of a longer story each month. I’ll also try and add in bonus content throughout the month as well such as previously published work, flash fiction and essays.

I did attempt to write during my break, but spilt cola scuppered me!

Moments after this the cola was sent flying and I stared in shock! 🙈🤣😝

Tomorrow I’ve got the day off and am planning to have a heavy edit day. I’m well past the halfway point of Penal Earth now, and I’ve like to get a good 8k edited on it tomorrow.

Be kind and have fun.

Good Afternoon, 9th of May 2022

Howdy, Folks! How are we all?

Yesterday I wrote 286 words on a short story during my break and before I started work. It was a long workday and then I went out to celebrate a close friends fortieth. So little to no time to write.

Today I used my break to write 183 words on the same short story and edited 7866 in about fifty minutes this afternoon after work.

Being honest, I really wasn’t feeling it today. I’m tired after over eighteen hours of the day job in two days, yesterday of which was a non-stop day, but I told myself to do an hour. Sixty minutes. In the course of the day, that’s not a lot and I can now chill out for a little bit before thinking about something to eat. Then somewhat of an early night as I suspect tomorrows shift is going to be another busy one.

Pushing through and still getting some writing done regardless of how I’m feeling is important. With the changes I’ve made and a recent increase in my medication I feel like I’m capable of maintaining momentum I’ve built up in the past but let slip through my fingers. Obviously time will tell, there may be the need for adjustments with meds in the future but I’m going to try and make the most of it while feeling as capable as I am and hope it’s something that does last a long time.

Right, I’m off. I hope everyones week has started off well.

Good Morning! 7/5/22

Good morning!

This morning I was up a little after eight and got cracking with this Penal Earth edit. I managed 9300 words worked though, which now puts me over the half way point.

Something I’m liking is that I’m not making a lot of changes outside of the tweaks my beta reader had notes on. Outside of those it’s mainly been deleting redundant words and sentences.

I’m definitely moving with an efficiency I’ve not really felt before.

Right, that’s all for today. I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Editorial Assistant Dizzy wasn’t very helpful to be honest.

6/5/22- Flash Post

Good morning! 4788 words edited on Penal Earth today. Im off to work soon, so haven’t had a lot of time but managed to squeeze in that time to edit. I’ll also be writing during my break at work.

Have an awesome day, folks!

5th of May 2022

Good evening, this morning I got cracking about 9am and got about 8100 words edited of Penal Earth.

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t particularly feeling it this morning. The first chapter I edited today was a little over 5000 words and I figured I’ll get that one done and then I’ll be done for the day. I’ve got plans to meet a friend this afternoon (am literally sitting in a Costa Coffee waiting for him as I write this), and wanted a little slack off if I’m honest. There was a few bits and pieces I wanted to do that needed to get done today, but once I was done with the first chapter I looked at the next one and saw that it was about 1500 words, so I thought I might as well get that one done as well. Then once I done that I saw that the next one was 1200 or so, and got that cracked out as well.

That took me up to about 11am and then I cracked on with a few writing related bits I needed to do. All stuff that is not writing or editing but more admin that I had to address. Nothing major but once it was done the better, and one in particular has a deadline of the end of the month and I know me, if I’d left it with the intention of doing it another day I’d have forgotten about it.

As of today I have edited just over 22000 words for the month, I’m rather pleased with this. The nice thing about this pass of Penal Earth is that where it’s quite polished there’s not much I’m finding, and what I am are mostly the bits a Beta reader had picked up on. I’d really like this Final pass done by the end of the month, and with 50000 words to go that’s very doable. Once this pass is done, that’s it. I won’t be able to do anything else with it. Then it’s saving up for an editor to have a go at it.

Once I am done I’m going to dive back into Black Blood (still not happy with that title), and get that just a little more polished. One of my Beta readers irked it and had some great feedback, the biggest of which thought was that it’s not as polished as Penal Earth.

The zombie book is with the editor as they go over the changes I’ve made. I spoke with them on Saturday and so far so good, but they haven’t got to the ending (which was rewritten) yet. Once it’s come back to me and I’ve been over those final few changes then it’s formatting, cover, and then published. It feels like the end is in sight! Finally!

That’s about it really. My Ko-Fi will be open to membership soon. I’m not expecting big waves with it just yet, it’s a small step to build from but I’m quite excited to get it up and running and putting short stories up there.

Right, my buddy will be here soon. I’ve just seen how long this post is, I don’t think I’ve done one like this for a while. But it feels good to be able to focus and get a sort of update out there.

Have a great evening, folks!


Hey folks. I was at the day job a little longer then I was expecting so I ended up flaking out a little when I got home, having decided not to edit today. But by early evening I’d changed my mind and edited about 4000 words of Penal Earth.

I also wrote on a new short story before work and during my break but I haven’t counted those words yet.

Tomorrow, I’ve set aside a couple of hours where I can edit and hopefully will make some good headway.

Good Afternoon, 3rd of May 2022

Howdy folks! How are we all doing?

Not much to report in the way of word counts today, just 97 on a non-fiction piece before work and 2159 edited on Penal Earth this afternoon.

I’m listening to my body and the lessons of the last couple of years. If I have an early, don’t go too mad with writing when the day job is done. That’s why I’ve only done a small slice of editing. Also, looking at the next two chapters (I’m aiming for one chapter a day) I think it’s better to do this one today, the next chapter is about 3000 words, but the one after that is over 5000 words. Tomorrow I have a longer shift at the day job so a 3k chapter is more manageable than a 5k one.

As I’ve said previously, this isn’t a deep edit. It’s one where I’m working from a beta readers notes, but as I’m going I’m finding places where I’ve said the same thing but with different words. I don’t need these redundant sentences and words, and my editor will tell me off if I do leave them there!

I am really seeing the benefit of leaving something for a few months and then looking back at it again. I’ve got a new insight into what I’ve written and I feel like I know the arcs a lot better.

Right, that’s me done with this writing malarky today.

I hope you’re all having a great day, and always try and be kind.

2nd May 2022

Good afternoon, folks! How are we all doing?

This’ll likely be a quick post as I’ve had quite a busy day and I’m knackered (and it’s almost time to feed two cats and they’re both glaring at me……..).

I had no work today, so had decided to get up at about eight, but ended up waking after nine (was gaming till late). So I got cracking with the edit of Penal Earth. I got through 8557 words and was then done. After smashing out the edit on the zombie book a few weeks ago I’ve decided I’m not going to exceed 10k words during an edit a day. It’s just a little too draining on me when I have heavy edit days.

This afternoon I’ve done a lot of organising and getting my writing space how I want it. The room that was my officer has another use now but I can still use it as a space to work. I’ve spent the afternoon getting it laid out in a way that gets the most out of the space.

My brother bought me that Bart Simpson banner in 2001!

Now, I’m going to feed the cats (they’re still glaring at me…….) and then spend some more time sorting other bits and pieces out.

I’d definitely like more productive days like this!

Good Evening, 30th April 2022

Hey everybody! how are we all doing?

I managed to get a very early start today and got 6384 words edited on Penal Earth, and then typed up 344 words on a short story I wrote by hand earlier this year. I had an hour, and I just got stuck in. The edit isn’t a deep one, Penal Earth has had a lot of work on it and it’s quite polished. So I don’t need to go deep, but I also don’t think I’m capable of going for another thorough edit. This pass is to make a few tweaks that a beta reader suggested and to make sure there’s no daft mistakes that my editor will tell me off for! (Okay there will be, but I’d like to limit as much of that as I can!).

My desk needs tidying

Last night while I was watching YouTube videos I was struck by the idea of a character, so I wrote another 368 words by hand before I went to bed. I don’t yet have a story for this character, but it struck me last night that I don’t need a story for him. Even if I never find a story for him it was still a lot I learned last night about building a character quickly and organically. I might also be able to put him in another story one day as well. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like he is strong enough (at the moment anyway) to carry a story, but I think he’d make a great element in an ensemble cast.

I’ve got a long day tomorrow, so I’m not expecting to get much written and I’m going to chill out and get an early night.

Raven says hi!