A Quick Update

Last night I took the night off from writing and relaxed a little, and played some Xbox. Today I managed to get a couple of hundred words during my lunch break and over 600 words tonight for a total of just under 900 words for the day.

Definitely not my best day but I’m happy with it, it’s 900 words I didn’t have at the start of the day. One thing I’ve noticed as I’m writing longhand is that I’m not crossing out large sections of words. When I’m typing I’ve gotten in the habit of deleting sections I’m not happy with, even when I used to write longhand I’d cross out sections and re-write them. Now though, I’ve written parts that I want to change but instead of crossing them out I’ve just made a note on the page to cut that part or re-write for the second draft.

Where I’m writing longhand I’m finding I’m no feeling like I’m under any where near as much pressure as I have been when I’ve been typing a first draft. I don’t know if this will be how I go forward in the future but as long as it’s working now then I’m going to stick to it.

Today’s Progress

I’ve been really brutal with Earth, After Liberation today and cut out about 3000 words, which takes it up to about 5000 all-in-all thats been cut. I’ve still got a lot to do on it, from connecting pieces up which are now a little more disjointed then they were and re-mapping all of the chapters so it actually makes sense.

Once I’d finished carving that up I read through a short story I wrote in March/April time and made some alterations before printing it off and red-penning it. It’s now with my grammar checker and once she’s done with it I’m correct any mistakes and get it off to a Beta reader or two 🙂

Now, I’m going to chill out and play some Xbox 🙂

A Quick Update

Over the last week i’ve managed to make some decent progress on Earth, After Liberation and at times I even think I might be able to get this draft done before NaNoWriMo starts but we’ll see what the next few weeks bring.


Tonight I have spent a little time getting prepped for NaNo over at the site and reading through a few notes I’ve already got for my story this year. What I’m planning to do is write the sequel to Earth, After Liberation (which I wrote during NaNo2013) and then next year I’ll write the third part of the trilogy during NaNo2015. I know the tone I’d like to set for this years novel and I know how it’ll start and what the final scene is going to be. I know the rough course of the story between these two points but until I start writing I can’t say how it’s going to go.


Today didn’t go quite as planned though, I was hoping to get a good early start today but I was out celebrating a dear friends birthday last night and didn’t get home till close to 2am, and then laid in till almost 11am. I didn’t get started till gone 12 but still managed to get a fair bit done.


Now I’m off to play some Deadpool on me Xbox.

A Quick Update

I know I said I wasn’t going to update here daily about my attempt to work for one hour a day no matter what on my writing but seeing as today was the first day I’ve tried it I just thought I’ll let y’all know how it went. It went quite well, I managed to get twelve chapters of Earth, After Liberation read through in an hour and fifteen minutes, which I’m quite chuffed about. During that time I did pause the timer and grabbed a drink or replied to a comment on Facebook and then just stated the timer again and got going once more. I didn’t have the TV on or any music or the radio on in the back round, I literally just cracked on which proved to be very productive, not only in getting a lot of pages worked through but I’ve figured out how to make Earth, After Liberation work a lot better. I’m going to have to cut a lot, re-write a lot more and add even more but I can see quite clearly in my head how it needs to be structured.

Now though, I’m going to play some Xbox and chill out as I’m back at work tomorrow but I’ll be making sure I get my hour in no matter what. As I’m reading through Earth, After Liberation on screen I’ll probably get the hour made up in the evening but once I’ve done this read though and I have a paper copy printed I’ll be able to be a little more flexible with when I’m working on it 🙂

Getting Back To Reality

I’m back off to work tomorrow, my week off has come to an end and its back to reality. I’m quite looking forward to it to be honest. Time off is all good and well but it does not have any real strength if it is never ending. This week has been good. Batteries are re-charged. Some quality time has been spent with Tracie and some Xbox has been played. Not much writing, reading or editing has been done though but I think that’s been a good thing. I did got some done tonight. I think not working on the WIP much this week has helped because I was a little unsure how to advance with a section that needs a total re-write. Tonight I started on that and it is looking quite good, when I continue tomorrow night I’m at a point where it will (hopefully) be easy to continue where I’ve left off tonight.

Looking Back At The Week

I’m coming to the end of my little bit of time off and I can safely say that I’ve pretty much done nothing 🙂 aside from Monday when me and Owen had our little brain storming session. I’ve done a little editing and I’ve thought through a lot of ideas that have been jumping up and down in my head for a while.

Most of the week I’ve spent with Tracie, although there has been a lot of Xbox playing too. I’m not a big gamer but when I do I’ll blitz it for a few days, a week at the most but then I most likely will not go back and play on it again for 6 months or so.

Aside from that I’ve had a chilled out week, but come Monday I’m back at work and will be cracking on with my WIP 🙂

A Little Break From The Fiction

After a few days where I’ve been feeling like I am constantly on the verge of falling asleep whenever I sit down I’ve decided to ease off the writing side of life and have a week, maybe two, just taking it easy. I had a burn out moment earlier in the year and it got to the point where I almost fell asleep as I was driving. I’m still going to be scribbling down any ideas that I have but I’m not going to be starting my main project for the first part of the year till mid January.

What am I going to do instead of writing/researching/editing? Well I will be sleeping lol No I’m going to be reading a little, watching DVDs. I’ve got series 2 of The Walking Dead and Series 2 of Rome to watch as well as The Women In Black. I’m also going to be playing a little Xbox too.

This time will also give my mind a little breathing space to compute some bits and pieces of the stories that I am working on at the moment.

A Little Derailed

I had a lot planned today.  I was going to write two or three blog posts and do a little planning for NaNoWriMo and maybe a little editing too and then some well deserved Xbox, but my Grandad was rushed to hospital at about 1 this afternoon so we spent the afternoon down A&E, but thankfully it’s nothing serious and he’s home 🙂  So I’ve only managed to get the Movie Monday post done (I am about to play a little Xbox though 😉 )  So that’s been my day.  NaNoWriMo is just a few days away so I will be focussing on that a little as well as getting The Space Watch sorted too.  A busy week ahead.

This Week’s Target

This week I have a very simple goal of hitting a small target that I have set to be done by the end of the month.  I’m at the stage in Project Delphi where I’m doubting whether it’s going to be any good.  I’m a little worried that the story is not going to be strong enough or that the characters will not have any depth to them or that the reader just will not care about them.  I am pretty sure that this is just a stage in the process of putting the story together, especially as we have made a lot of big changes from the earlier drafts.

I’m still reading through Fahrenheit 451 but I’m getting there with it.

Last week I watched all of the Star Wars films and I’ve come to the conclusion that they really needed a Han Solo character.  This week it’s the first four Saw films 😀  And I have some gaming to do.  Recently I’ve had the urge to play some Xbox so I’d like to squeeze that in sometime too.

An Easy Night Tonight

I’ve set myself a modest little target tonight, although its more of a minimum and once I’ve hit it if the words are still flowing then I’ll keep going till I’m falling asleep.  I think that one of the reasons that I burned out on NaNoWriMo last year was because I went for the sprint and not the marathon so although I have a deadline I have a good amount of time till it is upon me so I don’t want to burn out too soon.  What has helped is I got about  third of my daily minimum done during lunch so that’s made me feel a little more relaxed.

I also really fancy playing some Xbox, I have not fired her up for far too long so I need to make a little time in the next week or so to have a play 😀

Now I’m off to write 🙂