A Quick Update

Last night I took the night off from writing and relaxed a little, and played some Xbox. Today I managed to get a couple of hundred words during my lunch break and over 600 words tonight for a total of just under 900 words for the day.

Definitely not my best day but I’m happy with it, it’s 900 words I didn’t have at the start of the day. One thing I’ve noticed as I’m writing longhand is that I’m not crossing out large sections of words. When I’m typing I’ve gotten in the habit of deleting sections I’m not happy with, even when I used to write longhand I’d cross out sections and re-write them. Now though, I’ve written parts that I want to change but instead of crossing them out I’ve just made a note on the page to cut that part or re-write for the second draft.

Where I’m writing longhand I’m finding I’m no feeling like I’m under any where near as much pressure as I have been when I’ve been typing a first draft. I don’t know if this will be how I go forward in the future but as long as it’s working now then I’m going to stick to it.

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