Thank You Aly :D

The lovely Aly Hughes has awarded my blog a versatile blogger award which when I get these they always make me smile 😀 Normally it is the custom to pass it on and follow the instructions etc. But I’m about to start writing so I’m just going to give  a quick shout out to Aly’s blog >>>>>>>>>

One of the best things about Aly’s blog is that she looks at the art of writing which when i read it makes me think about how I myself deal with the art of my passion.  It also makes me realise how little thought that I really put into things like 1st or 3rd person narrative.  How I look at my world building and even hand writing vs. typing.  There are some very good little stories posted as well Paige in the Aftermath being one of my favourites.

So please go and check out Aly’s wonderful blog, you wont be disappointed 😀


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