The ‘Eleventh Hour Of The Eleventh Day Of THe Eleventh Month’

I truly believe that non of us who have not seen war can know what those who have fought in one have been through.  Each time the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month comes around I think of my Granddad who fought in both the second world war and Korea.  He has told me about the his times in the army, but most of them are times of laughter and fond memories.  Rarely has he spoken of the times that were tough, of friends who did not return,  but when he has he said to me;

“The Heroes never came back”

He’s one of my heroes, so at least one did come back.  I will be observing the silence at 11am sunday morning.  Everyone should take a moment to thank those who did not choose to fight, but who went and fought wars before many of us were even born. to protect us.  No matter what your thoughts are on war, or politics or any of those things that we talk about in this day and age, we should still remember those who stood up and protected us.

We Will Remember


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