I was going to write a post on this subject, I might still, but I love the way this post has been written and it is worth a read 🙂

A Life Among The Pages


Indie vs. Indie

Independent musicians enjoy a cache in the entertainment industry that independent writers have yet to establish.

In the time before MP3 players, cassette tapes, or phonographs, the only way to enjoy music was to see it live. Those without means to attend formal performances would simply make their own music. Families would join in song to celebrate holidays and friends would sing together at local pubs. In a sense, music was one of the earliest social networking tools and pub songs were precursors to the modern indie music scene.

Indie music today is synonymous with an edgy, off beat, unrefined sound harboring potential for mass appeal. The indie music fanbase is rife with fans who pride themselves on discovering unknown artists of quality and A & R reps from major record labels troll the indie music spots looking for the next big band.

While indie musicians…

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