A good friend has just started his blog, so it would be great if you all could go over and have a little look. His first post is about The Walking Dead game on Xbox 360.


I just finished the final chapter of the walking dead and i got to say it once again has done well for itself. Each episode is just brilliant,the thing i like about this game is it’s not just you’re usual typical zombie game where you pick up a gun and start fighting through zombies,like left for dead for instance. Don’t get me wrong i also like those games too,but the thing about the walking dead is you get to choose you’re own actions with what you do and what you say,with the people around you too. You play as a character called Lee and have been charged with murder,he ends up finding a little girl called clementine her parents weren’t around so you take her with you to protect her. Now the thing is as you play this game you can get to build up as to how i suppose…

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