Movie Monday: Reign Of Fire



Todays Movie Monday post is looking at a personal favourite of mine, Reign Of Fire. This Movie which stars Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey and Izabella Scorupco and shows a world where Dragons have woken after, well a bloody long time, and have all but exterminated the human race. Quinn (Bale) leads a small group of survivors who are approached by Van Zan (McConaghey) and his team of Dragon Killers which includes a tank and a helicopter. Piloted by Jensen (Scorupco). Van Zan explains their theory that all of the dragons are female, except one. If they kill that one male dragon then all of the other dragons will die out as they only have a short life span. So they want to go and get this big, mean arse bull dragon.

The characters that Bale and McConaughey play have a great relationship in this movie. It’s hostile and they do come to blows. Bale is he’s steady self in this movie. I think we know what we can expect from him after some of the more high-profile roles that he has had, McConaughey though, that’s a different story. McConaughey has played a wide rang of characters in an equally varied range of movies but this one is the one where he really shows he’s strengths as an actor. I cannot think of any other film where McConaughey plays it like this. He is single-minded, rough, tough and a mean son of a bitch, he is also strong, passionate and fearless. We see McConaughey push his skills to their best here, I’d love to hear what he thinks of the character. Might have to have a look for it.

The story is not to complicated, which I quite like. Sometimes I think we try to get too complicated in our fiction, and lives to be honest. This is a compact film with a good cast and a some very good CGI. Almost all of the dragons are done in a computer but it’s a seamless effort as I never noticed it during the film. Sometimes I’ve noticed CGI which looks like CGI, not often but often enough.

Theres a lot of love in putting this movie together and it can be seen on the screen. If you like a little genre mash-up, and Dragons then I think this is worth a watch. For me it feels a little like a lot of people missed it, which is a shame because it’s a very good film.

2 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Reign Of Fire

  1. I was honestly surprised by Matthew McConaughey in this one. I’d never seen him in that type of role before. And I agree, I thought the dragons were extremely well done.


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