Movie Monday: Judge Dredd

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I absolutely love last years Dredd, but I have a bit of a confession, I do kind of like the Stallone version too (yes I feel dirty saying that lol) but its not a bad movie. Here’s a quick plot summery.

In the future the earth has been devastated and mankind has crammed into a few Mega City’s and is barely surviving. She these cities were first built the police and the courts were not coping with the level of crime that so many people in such a small space were creating. So the Judges were created. They are the police, courts and where necessary, the executioners.

The story revolves around the legendary Judge Joseph Dredd. He is famed among he’s peers and feared by most criminals. He follows the word of the law strictly. He is framed and sent to a penal colony as a former Judge and a dear friend of Dredd’s escapes from the same penal colony.the shuttle transporting Dredd is shot down and as he is trying to return to Mega City 1 all hell is breaking loose in the city.
So Dredd needs to get the bad guys and save the city from Rico.

This is a little cheesy this one and a typical action movie from the time it was made in. It’s an okay action film but I don’t think it’s in the spirit of Judge Dredd. I get the feeling that they took the character and the setting and made a movie that the director and the producers, and writers wanted to write.
I’m looking forward to getting into the comics and see if this storyline actually takes place in any of them as I’ve heard that it does not. A rumour that I did hear is that fans of the comic actually got up and walked out of the cinema when Stallone (who played Dredd) took his helmet off. I’ve learnt that the character is never seen without his helmet in the comic strip.

As I said I do kind of like this movie, the acting is a little hammy and over the top in places and the storyline feels a little empty in places. The setting looks good, but its not anything that stands out from the other films of its time.

It’s a half decent movie but the 2012 movie, Dredd, is much better and it feels like it is in the spirit of the comic strip more then the earlier movie, but decide for yourselves 🙂



2 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Judge Dredd

  1. The Stallone version is for kids and the latest version is for adults,you cannot take ”I am the law” seriously,I am not saying the first version is bad but I don’t think it compares to Dredd 2012.

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