Take A Breath

With each passing day it seems like the world is moving faster and faster. We want to get from one destination to another in minimal time. Whether it is getting home from work or settling down and having a family. For some people it’s the ambition to get a certain job, or its trying to force a close friendship with someone.

When I’m driving I notice how people race the red light (come on we’ve all done it) but racing it is one thing, jumping it is another. We can sit in traffic only for someone to cut into our lane at the last minute.

Standing in a que at the post office and I hear people behind me whining about how long it is taking.

Some people will start dating and within a month they are living together, within six months they have a child on the way. Whatever happened to getting settled with each other, I wonder if this explains why there are so many broken homes in this day and age.

We all want faster Internet, so we can tell the world that we’re at a supermarket…(I don’t think that I have don’t that…….)

We strive to get our dream job as quick as we can, maybe looking for corners to cut because we want to get there as quick as we can.

All this rushing, this running around to get where we’re going quicker is part of life today. It’s the world we live in and without a conscious choice the majority of us have accepted it, but once in a while just Take A Breath. Find somewhere to sit down, a coffee shop, a quiet pub, a park bench. Even a shopping centre there will be somewhere to sit down, but find somewhere quiet and watch the world go by because this constant rush of life only wears us out. Take A Breath and appreciate what you have and enjoy the world around you.

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