Rest In Peace Richard Matheson

Last night it was announced that the writer Richard Matheson had passed away. Like many things I first saw the news on twitter and I spent the next hour and a half trying to get confirmation of this sad news.
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson blew me away. It was one of the first audiobooks that I downloaded and I’ve listened to it five or six times, the most recent being February. Each time that I do listen to it I’m struck by how intense the story is. For a book that does have a slow pace to it it grips the reader giving a sense of Robert Neville’s isolation that I’ve not felt in any other novel. The conclusion of the novel for me is the best part of it. It’s an ending which is not afraid of itself and has not been watered down.
This is the first author that has passed away where they wrote one of my favourite books, and I Am Legend is on that list. This is a book that has affected my own writing style and a book that I could listen to time and time again. I think that is why it upset me that he died. When Ray Bradbury died I felt the loss like many others. The same can be said at the recent loss of Iain Banks but as I love I Am Legend so much I think that is why I have felt this loss on more of a personal level.

Rest In Peace Mr. Matheson, and thank you for giving so much pleasure to the world.

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