Learning A Lesson

As a writer the majority of my thoughts are focused on the creative side of writing, which is as it should be in my opinion but once in a while I’ll be listening to a podcast or reading a blog and some of the business side of writing is rammed into my mind and I’m reminded that it’s not (unfortunately) just about creating fiction. This happened the other day as I was talking to an old school friend about websites etc. and I did not realise just how complicated It can all get. It was a proper slap in the face just how little I knew about setting up domains and sub domains.

I’ll admit it was a lot to take in, thankfully though my friend said he will be happy to help in any way he can. Which I am grateful for. For my petergermany.com I’m not especially bothered at the moment as I am just going to have all the links to my work here. I’m not going to be looking to make too many sites for my work, but for mine and Owen’s work that’s different. For what we are working on at the moment we could create a lot of extra content for our readers which I’d like to do as I have a few ideas but that’s a little down the road yet. I will probably buy a domain name for this series soon though.

In the future I may look into a bit of education into building sites and so on but that is further down the road.


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