10 Pointless Facts About Me

1- I can’t sleep with socks on.

2- I found the first grey hair on my head when I was thirteen.

3- Moths freak me out.

4- I’ve not had to have a job interview since my teens.

5- I hate hangovers.

6- Public speaking scares me.

7- I can’t swim.

8- I’m quite superstitious.

9- I wanted to be a police officer while I was at school.

10- I was all but a hermit till my mid twenties.

18 thoughts on “10 Pointless Facts About Me

  1. I love things like this. Unless it’s like a chain letter, blog award, or something. Very fun. I can’t fall asleep WITHOUT socks on and I just learned how to swim two years ago on my honeymoon. I highly recommend it. Lol. You can learn how to do anything in Tahiti.


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