A Little Post About Scott Sigler

A few weeks ago Scott Sigler started podcasting his novel Nocturnal and for the first time he hasn’t narrated it. For those of you who don’t know who he is Scott Sigler is a New York Times best selling author who was the one the first people to release a novel as a podcast. Since then he has released pretty much everything he has written on his podcast. There are few that he didn’t narrate until his Bones Are White collection of short stories.

That was the first real time that us fans of Sigler’s, or as we’re better known, The Junkies, had received his work on his podcast voiced by other people and now we have his novel Nocturnal being read by Phil Gigante. The reason Sigler is not reading his work now is a simple one, he wants to use the time to write more. To me this is very good because I can’t get enough Sigler but it did throw me off hearing someone else do the voices of much loved characters from this novel (an earlier draft was released before the current, final draft). Most of all not hearing Sigler doing the voice of (The Awesome) Pookie Chang has taken some getting used to, but the last two episodes have sold me. I’m loving the story and the narration is excellent but the emotion that came through from Pookie Chang in the last two episodes has been spectacular.

Sigler reading his own work is and will always be entertaining but Phil Gigante doing the voice work adds something else to Sigler’s work. The content is exceptional, I’ve loved the fiction Sigler writes since I first heard and in Phil Gigante they have a man whose vocal skills suit the type of fiction that Sigler writes, and it gives Sigler more time to write so we all win in my opinion.

Scott Sigler and his business partner A Kovacs are moving in the right direction in my opinion as they are both striving to get as much fiction out there for all of us to consume and if having Phil Gigante, and his engineer Cory, on board doing the narration helps Sigler get more written then its well worth it. I for one do miss Sigler’s narration, especially his female voices, but Gigante is very talented and easy to listen to. Sigler is still going to do the Galactic Football League novel narrations but as A Kovacs points out in a post(http://scottsigler.com/podcast/fridayfix-scotts-reading-audiobooks/) over at http://scottsigler.com/  there are four books already out in that series so it works for the continuity and that’s their flagship series.

If you haven’t already checked out Scott Sigler I strongly recommend that you do. His writing is powerful and original, his characters are fantastic and he isn’t scared to touch the tough subjects.

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