Indie Author Interview with Amber Jerome~Norrgard

D.e.e.L's Writing and Various Nonsense

Amber Jerome-Norrgard

Amber Jerome-Norrgard, an indie author living in Dallas, Texas with her family, is the author of the bestselling collections of poetry, The Color of Dawn, and In the Gloaming. In October of 2012 Jerome-Norrgard started her own publishing house 629 Publications. This new undertaking stemmed from her already prevalent abilities to help other authors with questions they may have about the process needed to get their book out to readers in the best way possible. Her publishing house offers insight into skills that are necessary for every author “The idea behind 629 Publications is to give Indie Authors true independence: we’ll be providing educational services to teach formatting, cover design and promotions so our authors can achieve their dream of publishing,” she also stresses that having an editor is something every good writer needs “The only thing we won’t teach is editing, because that is something I…

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