A Difficult Chapter

Last night I spent most of the evening trying to save a chapter from getting cut from the Project Apollo rewrite. Although Owen and I are doing what amounts to a fun rewrite we do have a fair bit that we want to save and this it is one of them. But as I was working through it last night I was struggling to get to grips with it and make it something worthy of a chapter on its own and not be merged into another chapter as a book end. I think I’ve done it now but it took a couple of hours of me looking at a couple off pages for me to see where I can take it.
It’s not finished yet, I should have it wrapped up tonight, if I don’t go to the cinema. But what I was worried about was adding fluff just to pad it out but I don’t think I’ve done that. What has been added contributes to the character that the chapter is set around, so hopefully it works.

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