Interview with the Character #6 – Nathan Wright and Peter Germany

Irene Aprile was very kind to invite me over to her blog to carry out an interview with one of my characters and here it is. Please pop over to Irene’s site and say hi 🙂

Irene Aprile

Goodmorning readers and welcome to a new Interview with the Character!
This week I am hosting an science fiction and horror writer from UK: Peter Germany. You can learn more about Peter and his writing projects at, the blog where he shares his journey to become a published author. Today he shares with us an interview with the main character of his WIP: Nathan Wright.
He’s just an everyday person who was called up to fight a war that two psychopathic dictators have started. He joined the war when he was only young and hasn’t really lived a life yet. After all the war he’s seen he just wants to go home to earth and settle down with his girlfriend. but he gets pulled into a conspiracy to not only assassinate the leader of Earth, but to also assassinate the leader of Mars. He gets pulled in without…

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