The Adjustment Bureau

*****Minor Spoilers*******

I was watching The Adjustment Bureau the other night and I posted that I loved the film on social media and a friend said they weren’t overly impressed with it, saying it was a ‘chick flick’ Now I really disagree with that. I think The Adjustment Bureau is a fantastic movie that does have a strong love story at the heart of it but it also tells a story of how this mysterious group of people is manipulating the world around us without us knowing its happening. Matt Damon’s character finds this out, this mysterious group of people tell him (with a few threats to stop him telling the world about them) and sends him on his way with the knowledge that he’s on the verge of making a difference in the world, but he can’t be with Elise (Emily Blunt’s character) because the plan doesn’t allow that. These people work to a plan.

Now, I think this movie is a good example of tight story telling, and yes at the heart of it all it’s a story of love and that no matter what love will bring people together. Damon and Blunt have a fantastic chemistry and both have a really sweet charm to them and you find yourself rooting for them. I found them to be a really believable couple.

What I find really fascinating about this story is the fact that something really big is going on in the background. You’ve got these guys with these hats on that are directing humanity, their motives are explained a little but while we’re watching Damon’s character David trying to get the girl we get to see a little of the power behind the scenes and that is kinda of scary. I’m going to get the Phillip K. Dick short story that the film is based on because its a fascinating idea and I’m keen to see what the original text is.

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