Today’s A ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Day

Okay, so having had a couple of days off from the writing I really need to get some words written. Since Thursday when I was out with friends I’ve not written as much as a single word on Project Apollo. I had intentions to write Friday night, but Owen and I had arranged a FaceTime to thrash out a couple of the more minor details of the story and the universe. I know we should have gotten that sorted out sooner, but this is Owen and me.

I think the rest has helped though, I’m up about an hour and a half earlier than I normally would be on a Sunday and have sorted out the animals, had breakfast and have got a cuppa tea. So why am I writing a blog post and not getting stuck into Project Apollo? Well, I’ve found that sometimes writing a blog post is a good way to get my brain going before getting into the fiction, and I haven’t put a post up for a few days 😛

That all said, I’m going to get stuck into this story. I’d love to hear how people are getting along with their own projects, so please feel free to comment.

I do have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile, the links are on the right hand side of the screen if you’d like to support me on those platforms.

Have an awesome day everybody 🙂

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