News: Six Wakes, One Book

The Man of Words

lafferty hatMur Lafferty is a genius. Right now, right this SECOND she’s reading this and going ‘Alllll, no I’m not!’

Revel in your geniusness, Lafferty. REVEL. For it is a real thing.

Mur’s work on I Should Be Writing and, with fellow genius and hard travelling word slinger Matt Wallace (Preorder his book here by the way), Ditch Diggers is essential. No other word covers it, the endless support and help those two shows provide writers of every kind and stripe cannot be overstated. Without Mur the industry I work in wouldn’t exist. Or, at least would be a tenth as much fun.

As well as helping writers she’s a phenomenally good one in her own right. The Shambling Guide series is urban fantasy that’s different to almost everything else in the field and is clever, fun and dark as Hell when it needs to be. The Heaven series…

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