Good Morning, Friday

Morning all, this is just going to be a quick post to update on how I’m doing. On Wednesday night I really got the urge to really get going again. Despite that I didn’t get going as well as I’d hoped yesterday due to something outside of my control, but what I did do I’m quite happy with. I managed to get back into AVG and that little hurdle that was holding me back I hope I’m now past.

I’ve also managed to add a few details to a synopsis I’m working on. I’m fairly confident that I’ve covered the bulk of the main story detail but I’m going to go back and work through and add some minor details that will help build the setting as well as the overall universe that the story takes place in.

The short story I’ve been working on I’d originally had planned to have had it wrapped up by today, but I decided to let it sit for a couple of days as I thought over some of the more important changes that need to be made. I’m planning on getting back into that this weekend, early next week sort of time.

That all for now, have a good and productive day everyone.

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