Tonights Update 

This evening’s writing was quite effortless, as this story is begining to write itself a little. It’s not gone quite how I was expecting it too, if I’m honest. I’m not entirely sure which way it was going but it’s gone down a much more personal and intimate path for a character who was only touched on in the last book.

I didn’t get any writing done during my lunch break or before work so tonights 450 was my only word count for the day. I could have done more but I was chiling out a little more than I should have done.

I’m out Saturday night so I’m going to try and sneak some words in before I start work on Saturday, but I’d like to get a solid evnings writing done tomorrow as well.

I’ve shelved AVG for the moment, I’ll go into why in a later post. So my focus is mainly on my Vampire stuff at the moment.

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