Good Morning! 

So it’s another Monday morning and as always I’m not going to let society’s hatred of this day taint my personal opinion of the day. For me Monday is the start of a new week, it’s kind of a mental reset and I can look to the next seven days and see what I want to achieve. I don’t do this every week but when I’m in the right mindset I can set myself small goals for the week, and if I start off well on a Monday the rest of the week can become a reflection of that.

Right, where am I with writing? Well, I’ve finished handwriting another vampire story which I’m planning to type up this week. I’ve also had a pretty good idea about what I want to do with a couple of characters from the series as well, but I do want to think it out a little before I settle on it.

I had started on a mermaid story but that got sidetracked last week as I worked on something from mine and Chrystalyn Borgsmiller’s novel we’re planning to write. It’s been more of a personal exercise than something that’ll make the final cut of the story but it’s been a lot of fun and I finished writing the hand draft yesterday. That’ll get typed up as well this week and then sent of to Chrystalyn for her to inject her magic into it.

The Mermaid story I mentioned is one which a friend helped inspire and it’s kind of a shot in the dark story. I know the basic story and I know a few basics about when and where it’s set but it’s a discovery piece, which is always exciting.

I’m planning to have that piece handwritten by the time NaNo starts in November. By November I’ve also got to have re-written an outline for an Apollo universe story for Owen. I’ve got a fair bit of it written already but I want to change a lot from about a third of the way through the story, so I need to find time to sit down and do that.

Right, that’s what I’m looking at for the rest of the week, and month. This is a bit of a rush post which I’m not prof reading as I need to get ready for work, so I apologies for the inevitable typos!

Have a great Monday, and week everyone 🙂 

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