NaNoWriMo 2015: Day Fifteen

I’ve got to admit I went into today’s writing with a little anxiety. The last three days have really not been great for me with this story. It’s felt strained and directionless, even after getting the idea for the actual plot. Now though, I’ve got my villain of the piece now, and this one character has opened up a world of opportunity for the story and breathed a new life into it.

Here’s today’s numbers though, 2385 words for a total of 26,580 words so far. I did start the day slightly behind but now I’ve gotten back ahead, but only by a day. This last week while I was off from work I’d hope to get a fair chunk of words ahead but because I hadn’t done enough preparations my initial momentum could only carry me so far. Now that I’ve got a few more ideas I can see myself being able to pull something out of this now. I’m not sure I’ll be able to edit it though, at the moment it’s such a jumble I think it may be better to strip out the good stuff and keep that. I was thinking about a rewrite, but until NaNoWriMo is over I don’t really want to decide what to do with it.

Today marks the halfway point of NaNo, and I’ve passed the halfway point in word count too. Part of my problems in the last few days may be put down to the second week slump. Some of it is, some of it is the lack of preparation I mentioned earlier.

Let’s hope I’m past the hurdles and I can move forward with the story and create something good.

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