Good morning all, yesterday I managed 500 handwritten words on my vampire collection. Although I’d like to be getting closer to the 1000 words per day, when I’m writing by hand it does take a little longer to get the words down. I also visited a relative who’s in hospital last night as well, so that’s why I didn’t add any words to the typing up of my mermaid story.

I did do some work on an outline for a story Owen and I are going to be working on in the next twelve months. I think it’s pretty much done now, but I want to give it a look over before I send it off to Owen.

I am hoping I don’t get hit by a NaNo hangover, when typing up the 1st draft of the mermaid story I’ve got I found that I was more easily distracted and some of the drive I’d had during NaNo was gone a little. I think I can still persist though; once I’ve got back into the voice of the fiction I’m working on I think distractions won’t be able to take my attention as easily.

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