Good Morning, Sunday

After a slow couple days of writing I don’t think I’ll get many more words down today. Friday I wrote just short of 400 words on my vampire story. I didn’t write in the evening as I was out for a meal and a few drinks with friends. Yesterday I was just wiped out, a later night than I used to on Friday and then work Saturday left me feeling shattered by the time I’d gotten home and cleared the henhouse out. So I flaked out and watched some football,  played some GTAV, and did a little reading.

Today I’ve got some furniture to shift around but I’m hoping to get a good 1000-1500 words done today as well. I don’t think I’ll be working on the vampire stuff but the mermaid story is a definite and I’d like to do some work on the little piece I’m working on in min and Owen’s universe. 

With that said, I’d best start thinking about getting it done, have a great Sunday everyone.

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