A Quiet Week

This last week has been a quiet one on the writing front. I’ve hit what I’m hoping is a minor road block with my Vampire book. Part of it is I’m struggling to write in first person at the moment but I think I’ve got to go back and read through the first book to refresh myself with the story and the characters. I also think that maybe NaNo has damaged this book a little. I stopped working on it to do NaNo and I think in hindsight I should have just worked on the Vampire stuff for NaNo.

I have gotten the other short story, the one in mine and Owen’s universe, finished. The first draft is done and I’ve just got to go through it and then send it off to Owen for his input. I should have also finished going through the Project Apollo read through, but that simply hasn’t happened. I am planning on getting a few pages read this evening after I’ve done a bit of writing.

Speaking of writing, something I’m trying to get in the habit of is writing every day. This caused me a slight headache on Friday when I realised I didn’t really have anything I could work on. So I decided to add a few words to my NaNo project. The story is quite fractured in a lot of respects, and I intend to go back to it in about a years time and read through it and then strip the best stuff out. So I figured that even if what I add doesn’t make much sense now it may be something that will bear fruit when I come to revisit it. That’s what I’ll be working on later this evening.

I do still have my Mermaid story to edit through, I’ll probably work on that over the Christmas period.

Right, I’m off to do some writing.

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