Wide Awake

Yeah, title says it all. It’s 00:55 here in the UK and I’ve got work tomorrow but I can’t sleep. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had two nights in a row where I didn’t drop off to sleep relatively easily. Saying that though I’ve never been someone who could just drop off. I’m one of those people who’ll lay in bed for a while thinking about the important stuff like trying not to repeat my past mistakes or what direction I should take a story in, or just how cool is Daredevil season 2 gonna be with The Punisher in. You know, important stuff 😉

I can’t explain why my brain won’t shut down enough to let me sleep, I have a few ideas but those ideas are not for here. Instead what I plan to do is some breathing exercises and if they don’t work I’ll count sheep, or minions, or Ewoks. Whatever my mind decides will work best. 

I’m not gonna bother proof reading this, so if there’s any typos then please bare in mind that it’s now like 1am and I’ll be up in about five hours for work.

Night all 🙂 

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