Not Getting Sidetracked 

Okay, so I’m doing this 100k in a 100 days challenge and I’m quite keen to do it, but I think it’s already sidetracked me a little. I’m not even halfway through my second vampire collection and I’ve dropped it to write something else so that I’m hitting the 1000 words a day. I’ve told myself that I haven’t got time to go through what I’ve already done to get my head back into the story but I think it’s more a case I’ve gotten stuck with it and instead of trying to write my way through it I’ve just hopped onto the next project. I’ve really gotta stop doing that, because before I know it three months have passed and I’ve not written a word of this vampire collection I wanted done by February.

I am going to crack on with what I started yesterday but that’ll be alongside the vampire stuff. I seemed to manage it okay in the run up to last November so let’s see if I can get back into that way of working.

My biggest enemy is myself. I know I need to have my butt in gear better and get the words done. It’s not hard, I just need more discipline. 

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