Ending A Slow Week

Up until Thursday this revision of my NaNo 2015 novel wasn’t moving very quickly. Part of the reason was non-writing related but a big part of it is that the first part of the novel is a mess and I need to rewrite it to what I want it to be. Now that I’ve moved into what will be the heart of the novel I’ve found I’m moving along quicker. This part of the novel I found a lot of fun to write and it starts getting into the guts of the world a lot more.

From here on out I’m going to try and do five pages a day. I was going to aim for ten but I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull that off at the moment. I also want to work on another outline for an Apollo universe story. Speaking of Apollo universe, I’m still waiting to get a time where Owen and I can talk. Our working hours don’t match up well and he’s been having internet issues, so we’ve not had a chance to talk in depth about anything of late.

I have had Beta notes returned on my mermaid story and I’m looking forward to going through them. I’m going to focus on those tomorrow night I think.

So far this year I’ve slacked off quite a bit, which is beginning to feel like a broken record to my own ears. I’ve got seventy-six pages to get edited. I won’t have them done by 1st of February like I’d hoped to.

2 thoughts on “Ending A Slow Week

  1. Some weeks are slower, that’s a fact. Perhaps the inner clock was set to ‘slow down’ (in my case this certainly applies). Slowing down with writing progress might mean to gather strength for a real run. Good luck!

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