Start It Again

Just a quick little post this evening.

I got a decent start with this story but it quickly lost steam and momentum. So instead of getting a mood on and moping for a couple of days I just started it again. Well not fully, I’ve pretty much kept the first scene of the story but started fresh from there on. So far I’m happy with it and I think it’s going in the right direction.

I’m glad I wasn’t further along than I was because the thought of throwing away a lot more is always a little sickening, but it’s needed at times. Sometimes we need to look at what we’re doing and if it’s going wrong then we’ve got to put an end to it before we get in too deep.

Reading wise, I finished book one of Bitch Planet. Overall I really enjoyed it and will be buying book two in the near future. I haven’t read much more of The Man In The High Castle, and haven’t listened to any more of Song Of Susannah.

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