One Down, One To Go

Good Morning,

Last nights Write-In went really well, despite only a two person (and a baby) turn out. I got almost a thousand words knocked out; I could have pushed on a bit more and hit that thousand words but I was feeling wiped out. Typically once I’d gotten home and had had a little time to settle I got struck by an Apollo universe idea and smashed out a couple hundred words for a proposal.

Tonight I’m off to Owen’s to touch base. I’ve got about half a dozen treatments on the go and I want to talk to him about them. With a couple I’ve gotten as far as I can with them and I think it’s time he had a look and we can assess which’ll present us with the best stories to write. We also need to decide a couple of structural details for the Project Delphi rewrite before we get into some serious outlining for it. 

I will admit I’m begining to feel a little fatigue slip in now. It feels like this has been a busy week, which is both tiring and energising at the same time. But the tiredness is seeping through a little stronger now.

Two more working days then my weekend starts, we’ve got the Easter weekend coming as well. I’ve got vacation time at the start of April as well; so I can rest then.

On a non-writing related note, Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 is now live on Netflix; and I’m off to work. Then off to Owen’s tonight. So I’m not going to be able to smash through a quarter of the series tonight. I’m a little annoyed at this, but it’s not going anywhere and Owen and I need to touch base tonight. We’ve got so much build up work we’re doing that I want to make sure our focus is still where it needs to be.

Right, time for the dayjob. Whatever you’re doing, have a great day everyone. 

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