Good Afternoon

A fairly productive day so far. I’ve gotten the last of the rearranging done on my WIP and have even began to add more words to it. I really do feel relieved that I’ve got it sorted out, its now in an order that makes sense. I’ve still got a lot of work to do to it though. There’s a lot of gaps to fill in but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

I’ve stopped work on it today because, despite a good ten hours of sleep overnight, I’ve had a few nights in a row this week where I’ve not slept well. I was also a little unwell yesterday so I’m going to chill out this afternoon. I’m planning to do a little work on the Delphi rewrite this afternoon, but nothing heavy. Although Owen and I are still working on the details of Delphi I’m going to start trying to do chapter outlines. The story isn’t changing too much from the original version so the core of the story is there, and all we’ve got to do is make the adjustments to tie it into how we’re building this universe we’ve got.

That said, I’m off to get started with it.

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