A Random Ramble

Today has been one of those days where its felt like I’ve been running up hill while trying to pull a tank, with a string of dental floss. It was just one of those days where no matter what we at work tried to do we got sidetracked. Nothing bad, in some cases good, but it meant that I didn’t get as much done today at work as I needed to. So tomorrow is really going to be one where I have to pull out my A-Game. I’ve got the week off next week, and I’d really like to get these last two cars at work valated by the time I finish work at 3pm tomorrow. I’m about a third of the way through the first of the two, so I’m going to go into work early tomorrow so I can get a good jump on them.

Writing wise I’ve done nothing at all today. This blog post is the most creative I’ve been all day. Normally I’ve scribbled a few words during my lunch break, or worked on a bit of outlining or something.

Next week I’m really hoping to have a really productive week; I’m aiming to get half of the WIP done. Owen and I are going to spend a day working on a few Apollo related stories, but most importantly we’re going to try and get a timeline done for it.

Right, I’m wiped so I’m going to log off for the night and then bed. An early start tomorrow.


(I’ve not proofed read this, so fee free to play ‘Spot the typos’

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