Good Morning, Sunday

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I got hit with a really heavy cough/cold that lingers and between the fuzzy head and the sheer tiredness this brought with it I have done next to nothing outside of work, eating, and sleeping. I’ve pretty much been doing just enough to get by and then resting the best I can.

This has all resulted in the WIP not having been red-penned. I’ve not read through two separate sets of notes from Owen, and I’ve got a back log of nigh on two hundred emails to read through. I’m also going to Beta read a fantastic short story for a friend.

So today I’m planning on getting back on track a little. I’ve definitely got to get through these emails and get those details that Owen has sent me read through and incorporated into the Bible for that universe that I’m putting together. And I’d like to get cracking on this WIP again.

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