A Slow But Steady Week

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last week you’ll know that I’ve been a little unwell and haven’t really felt like writing but have managed to keep quite a consistent pace going. I’ve just done some quick math and I’ve averaged 420 words a day since last Sunday. I think the 850 I wrote last Sunday helped a lot in that because during the week I’ve been hitting around the 300 word mark.

The last few months have felt very slow to me. I’ve barely written any words, that said though I have been editing, but the last couple of months I haven’t even been doing that. I’ve been distracted and I’ve struggled to focus and when I get that focus I’ve found it really quite hard to maintain it. A prime example of that has been this morning when I set out to write this blog post I opened YouTube to get a playlist going and saw a blooper reel for The Big Bing Theory, an hour later I start writing this post.

I’ve always been a distracted person, but normally I can knock out ten minutes worth of work, then faff about on Facebook for ten minutes and then write another ten minutes. But, I think if I hadn’t been unwell this week then I would have gotten a lot more written. I wouldn’t have just been writing before work and during my lunch break. I would have gotten home and scribbled out a few more words during the evenings. That said I had plans Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. That said though I had to council the Monday and Tuesday ones due to no feeling well.

If I’d been well, and hadn’t had a busy social week, I would have written a lot more words. I can feel the love of writing surfacing again and I’m seeing what needs to come in the next few paragraphs of the story. I’m writing longhand like I did when I wrote that FanFiction piece earlier this year and I’m finding the experience to be similar. For me, writing longhand lets my brain work things out in a different way as to when I’m typing a first draft. Longhand is allowing me to think things through a little better as I can’t write longhand as quickly as I can when I type. It also allows me to red-pen notes in the margins on a blank page three sheets on from where I am(I know there’s a way to do that digitally but this feels easier).

I’m excited for this rewrite of The Space Watch. When I’ve attempted rewrites before they haven’t gone well, and this one didn’t start off well. But I made the decision to sacrifice quite a impactful opening because it wasn’t working. So I came at it from a different direction and it felt a much more natural opening, and this has helped in it not feeling like I’m just repeating the same story. At the core of it, the story will stay the same but by changing the opening it’s been like an anchor has been removed and we’re able to write the story with the changes we’ve made to the characters and the setting without it feeling like we’re forcing it. Hell, a couple of changes have been made which Owen and I hadn’t discussed and I’ve had to text him quite sheepishly because these changes just happened and felt very natural.(he’s been cool with them). One of them I’m especially pleased with and I’m loving the character in question because of it.

So, despite a long week it’s been more productive than I first thought it was.

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